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Conducting an Information Interview

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Conduct an information interview using the instructions in the above reading. Try to identify an information broker or superconductor (explained in Uzzi & Dunlap article) and conduct an information interview with her or him. If you are interested in changing your job or advancing, this is a wonderful opportunity. If you aren't interested in these, find someone in a career that you find interesting, explain to your interviewee that you are doing this for a class, and that you need to act as if you are interested in exploring his or her career. Write 3 pages (double spaced) describing:

1. The person's name, position and organization
2. Why you chose this person to interview
3. Your interview questions
4. What happened in the interview
5. The names of at least two people you were referred to
6. The person's reaction to your resume

Read The Following

1. Information Interviews

2. How to Build Your Network
This is an eye-opening article about career networking. It introduces some of the key concepts of social networks and shows how they apply to improving your professional network.
Uzzi, B. & Dunlap, S. (2005). How to Build Your Network. Harvard Business Review. 83(12) 53-60.

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1. The person's name, position and organization

The person's name is Araba Dowell, she is the Southeast Region Communications, General Motors.

2. Why you chose this person to interview

I have selected this person for interview because I am a trained apprentice at Ford Motor Company and I wanted to interview a person who was an information broker in the automobile industry. In addition, I am interested in switching over to marketing in automobiles. Araba has more than 10 years experience in PR and marketing in different organizations. She is a person who is a true information broker, she is known in the automobile industry as a professional who has diverse skills and these provide me with the best chance of information that I need. She is a person who is known to have several avenues of information retrieval and can help me plan my career.

3. Your interview questions

What education is required to get started in automobile marketing?
What are the skills required in an automobile marketing job?
What are the difficulties an automobile marketing professional faces?
What approach to these difficulties ...

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