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Reasoning Behind Suicide Bombings

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Are the suicide bombers, or the casualties in the bombing, or the government in whose governance the bombing takes place, the victims in suicide bombings? What are the effects of suicide bombings on the victim societies?
Are the religious rationales used to justify suicide bombing valid? Why/why not?

The religious groups like the Al Qaeda legitimate their acts and the motives as acts of jihad (struggle) and shahadat (martyrdom). Is terrorism justified from the perspective of struggle and martyrdom? Why/why not?
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In the cases of the suicide bombings, all those listed are victims. The causalities are easy to see as victims. They are usually just someplace at the wrong time, making them victims and unintentional as they pursue their lives. Governments become victims to a degree because they have the responsibility of figuring out what happened and why and are responsible to help the people in the aftermath. The costs and time, plus adjustment in agendas and focus of government resources makes them victims. While some might consider governments as having this responsibility, the actions associated with the aftermath are added burdens. The bombers are debatable. Some portion of society has created a mindset that allows the person to see this as the best way to accomplish whatever goals the bomber or bomb sponsor are trying to promote. A rational view ...

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