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Comparison Matrix

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Using the attached comparison matrix file, complete the table, it has two columns and eight rows. The columns are titled: Article 1 and Article 2, and the rows are titled: Title, Author, Purpose of the Study, Research Question(s), Literature Review, Sample Population(s), and Limitations, Results/Conclusions. Provide the appropriate information in the cells for the Article 1 and Article 2 columns of the comparison matrix.

The articles I am using are attached.

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Ok, you can use this to fill in the blanks in the matrix sheet. It should be easy. Both articles are broad literature reviews that really don't argue anything, but rather, they want to give ideas to other researchers to come up with their own questions.

Article 1: Townsend, Ellen (2007). Suicide Terrorists: Are They Suicidal? SLTB, 37: 35-49

This study assumes that Islamic rebels are "terrorists". Also, it holds that the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz is biased, which gives the study some balance. Altruistic suicide - suicide for a cause, to help others, to correct an injustice. It is quite possible that this kind of "military suicide" is a part of this. Young, unattached males seeking vengeance - this is the targeted population. There is a strong religious sense of imminent reward. Suicide is forbidden in Islam, yet, in the context of warfare, it is not really "suicide", but martyrdom. In the Islamic context, there is also a strong sense that religious instruction is a part of the decision. The suicide bombers are not unstable nor are they mentally ill, but they are quite determined to correct injustice that they are powerless to alter. They are well educated and often quite articulate. There is also a strong sense of group identity. Suicide for the purpose of mass killing.

The ...

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A comparison matrix is provided.

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