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Terrorism in wartime

Some terrorism analysts contend that the term "terrorist" is a tool used to demonize the opposing side. Accordingly, the only thing that separates a terrorist from a freedom fighter is the one who defines each as one or the other. Do you think that the term "terrorist" is a political tool that is used to diminish the legitimacy of the opposing side? In other words, do you believe that there is a difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter? If so, what is the difference? Can an act of terrorism be differentiated from an act of war? How and why?

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The only difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter is perception. Those who have the autonomy and power are able to control the narrative to dictate who are considered terrorists and who are considered freedom fighters. A prime example of this narrative would be the current civil war in Syria wherein the 'Free Syrian Army' is considered as terrorists by ...

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Terrorism in wartime tools are determined. Whether terrorism can be differentiated From an act of war are determined.