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    Arafat and Middle East peace

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    1.) Examine the career of Yasser Arafat as a leader of the PLO, and his contributions to, or against, peace with Israel and where the PLO now stands in the region. (200 Words)

    2.) What are some of the reasons that many Palestinians support Hamas? Discuss the success and failure of Middle East suicide bombing campaigns. What role does Lebanon play in the Middle East? What will the civil war in Syria change? (200 Words).

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    I have written extensively on Arafat, so you are in luck.

    Arafat, like Anwar el-Sadat, moved through the Middle East conflicts as both reviled and admired. Like Sadat, he also attempted to bring peace. While Sadat was successful, Arafat was not. He was the founder of the Fatah, which began as a paramilitary group. It grew into a political party, one that as leader, lead to the presidency of Palestine. This path was difficult, often at odds with other Arab countries such as Jordan. Pushed out of Jordan and into Lebanon, Arafat and his group began campaigns to destroy Israel, which he denounced. This continued through the 1970's. In the 1980's, Arafat began to change and seek a more peaceful resolution with Israel. He recognized Israel in agreement with the United Nations Security Council Resolution (242).

    After this, he negotiated treaties with Israel, most famously with Yitzak Rabin and Shimon Peres, leading the three to the Nobel Peace Prize of 1988. He continued to strive for a peaceful ...

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    A brief overview of Arafat and the PLO. Also, brief answers to questions about Lebanon, Hamas, Syria, and suicide bombings.