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Challenges in Contemporary Child/Youth Culture

I need help with selecting a film depicting contemporary child or adolescent culture.

Some films of interest are:
"The Basketball Diaries"
"Ramona and Beezus"
"My Girl"

Based on the film, explain three challenges children or adolescents faced while attempting to adhere to and/or cope with normative youth culture.

Explain two ways you might develop empathy related to the children and/or adolescents in the film. Be specific.

Explain one way you might address one of the challenges children or adolescents faced in the film and how and justify your response.

Explain any insights you had related to your understanding of contemporary youth culture based upon the film you selected. Be specific.

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First, you want to determine whether you want to focus more on the "child" or more on the "adolescent" when choosing your film. What helps in choosing the film is to find aspects of it that are easier for you to identify with or in which you can relate to based on your own past experiences and upbringing.

I recently came across an educational documentary film entitled "Sext Up Kids: How Children are Becoming Hypersexualized." It is predominantly about girls and how toddlers are becoming teenagers with no other development in between. You can actually preview it at the following link:


It reveals many of the present challenges that both children and adolescent girls and boys are facing in present day youth culture. Although this is a documentary and not a mainstream film, it will be very beneficial for your research.

The normative youth culture may be slightly different depending on which film you decide to choose. If you choose a film from the 1980s or 1990s, the use of cellular phones, mobile or portable electronic aids/devices, and social media was non-existent for example. Today, these are major factors in the development of children and adolescents since younger children now have access to (or own) smartphones and computers with internet access.

It would be helpful ...

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This solution will discuss how to identify challenges in contemporary child or youth culture particularly through films depicting contemporary child or adolescent culture.