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Contemporary Culture in Kenya

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Imagine you are a Kenyan student living in the present day. Start off by describing yourself and the state of your family. Explain where you reside in Kenya. Describe a typical day in your life and the challenges you face due to the unique geographical and political situation in your city or town. To create a picture of your routine and lifestyle. I'm not very knowledge about Kenyan and what it is like there so any input would be greatly appreciated.

1.What do you eat every day?

2.What and where do you usually buy groceries and other household articles?

3.What do you do for entertainment—is it local, global, or both?

4.What is your greatest worry?

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While Kenya is in relation one of the more advanced countries within East Africa, it is a developing nation wracked with a number of serious challenges. You'll have to make a decision on your approach as the day in the life of a student living in Nairobi or Mombasa looks completely different than that of a student living in most other areas of the country. For ...

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