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    Report of business trip to foreign country

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    Imagine that you are an American businessperson who has recently returned from doing business in another country. You are asked to write a report regarding the details of your trip. The following questions can be used as guidelines for your report, but it is not required that all these questions are answered. Be creative.

    What country did you visit? How long were you there? What language do they speak? Did you use a translator? How was the culture different from your own? How was the culture similar to your own? What did you do to try to adapt to the local culture and customs? What types of business practices did you observe that are different from those in the U.S.? What was the most significant difference in business practices between this country and the U.S.? How has this trip helped you to understand diversity in the workplace? â?¢ Did you experience culture shock? What did you learn that you can apply to your U.S. workplace?

    Write a report on your business trip

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    I have provided a paragraphical outline for you to use. To enhance the essay you will want to add, subtract, and emphasize what you think is important. The word count is high, so you can do this. I covered a lot of information, so you would have information to conform to your class needs.

    I recently returned from a trip to Kenya where negotiations were required to gain access to coffee and tea. Our group met with a number of companies and individuals. This was in part because the Kenyans like the use of intermediaries where possible. We had no problems gaining introductions, so we were successful in reaching agreements with a number of producers.

    We also toured some small factories, but none of them were of the size and quality one would expect of a long term American trading partner. Fortunately, we were able to speak English throughout the entire trip. All of the people we met were friendly and helpful. There is also a great deal of pride in being a Kenyan and with its ties to the U.S. One ...

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