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Insights into investing in an Asian country

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Foreign direct investment is very risky and companies may end up losing money in the global market. However, this is not to say that a company cannot succeed in the global market through direct investments.

Respond to the following:

Why might an American company want to invest in "your country"?
What are the main risks an American company would face if they chose 'your country' for a foreign direct investment?
Based on your analysis and findings, how can an American company handle these risks? Provide recommendations.

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Solution Summary

This report includes a discussion of some reasons why a foreign investor should invest in an Asian country. As indicated, among the reasons are strong government support, the ease of doing business in the place, the population & household consumption, its culture, the educational level & English proficiency of a large percentage of its population. There is an opportunity for business in the country, despite some risks that must be handled legally, effectively, and efficiently. Said risks may actually be converted into a business opportunity.

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