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parent country national

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Your company has identified an extraordinary set of opportunities for its products in SE Asia. Unfortunately, you are having difficulty persuading any of your current management team (PCNs) to take the assignment. Your field managers have been unable to identify a host national (HCN) that they feel is qualified to take the position. None of them have the necessary experience to handle this level of responsibility. Your product is very technical and requires a highly educated support staff.

Develop a proposal to management on why using a PCN is the only appropriate course of action open to the company and why PCNs are preferred when the organization has been structured around a centralized approach to globalization. Make every effort to justify your decision

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PCN (parent country national):

For entering SE Asian countries parent country nationals are required:

1. Because they are familiar with the intricate technology;
2. The SE Asian country Host Country Nationals may not be familiar with the technology that the company uses.
3. The SE Asian country employees usually have a high degree of discipline but they look towards the Parent Country Nationals for instructions.
4. The parent country nationals have to provide leadership and initiative so essential for establishing a new operation in a foreign country.
5. The parent country nationals need to train host country nationals so that they can take up important positions in the newly established operations in SE Asian countries.
6. In South-East Asian countries it is unreasonable to expect that the host country nationals will take initiative for this parent country nationals need to be deployed there.
7. In South-East Asian ...

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