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    Africa and cell phones

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    Need an Industry study on circuit boards in 300+ words with references and statistics.
    Choose a product or service with a circuit board and what country I would sell or invest in and why. I choose cell phones and Africa as this is the fastest growing market.

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    The country picked to sell a product or service with a circuit board is Kenya. Kenya has a cell phone growth rate of 65 percent. One of the reasons for this spurt is that the regulator has given approval to several companies to start mobile money services. The point is that in Kenya the value of mobile phone based transactions has overtaken payments made using plastic money. The figures of Central Bank of Kenya show that in 2009 Sh473 billion, and in 2010 Sh732 billion was paid through mobile phones. When people walk into shops in Kenya they prefer clicking their mobile phones for making payments. The ...

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