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In a study of 420,095 cell phone users in Denmark, it was found that 135 developed cancer of the brain or nervous system. If we assume that such cancer is not affected by cell phones, the probability of a person having such a cancer is 0.000340.
a. Assuming that cell phones have no effect on cancer, find the mean and standard deviation for the numbers of people in groups of 420,095 that can be expected to have cancer of the brain or nervous system.
b. Based on the results from part (a), is it unusual to find that among 420,095 people, there are 135 cases of cancer of the brain or nervous system? Why or why not?
c. What do these results suggest about the publicized concern that cell phones are a health danger because they increase the risk of cancer of the brain or nervous system?

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(a) p = 0.000340, n = 420095, q = 1 - p = 0.99966

Mean = np = 420095 * 0.000340 = 142.83 (Say 143 people)

Standard ...

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