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Sexual Harassment and Gender

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Sexual harassment is a continuing problem in the work place and a major problem for women. What further complicates the issue of sexual harassment in the work place is that women are no longer the only victims of this behavior, men are also victims as well. There seems to be no end to the variety of ways in which people can discriminate against and persecute other people for any variety of reasons.

I agree with the previous statement that stated sexual harassment is a major problem for women, but it also can affect men as the roles are sometimes reversed but men don't or will not tell anyone a lot of times because they are brought up to not share their feelings and be strong. Brainmass Experts, do you have any thoughts on this subject?

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Because many rigid notions of masculinity and femininity still operate within society, many men still suffer silently from sexual harassment because it is much like sexual abuse in the sense that men are less reluctant overall ...

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The issue of sexual harassment and how men are affected as victims is briefly explored.