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Employment discrimination or sexual harassment

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Select either employment discrimination or sexual harassment and discuss its surrounding legal issues. What may managers do to prevent, detect, and remedy legal risk arising from this topic?

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What may managers do to prevent, detect, and remedy legal risk?

To prevent sexual harassment:

1. Conduct sexual harassment training of all managers, if not all employees
2. Provide a viable means to discuss sexual harassment in the workplace
3. Put your company's sexual harassment policy in writing.

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1. "Put your company's sexual harassment policy in writing and have every employee read it and sign it. Many larger companies put a copy of the sexual harassment rules along with the hiring paperwork to ensure that every employee has reviewed the information. The policy should be stated in clear, easy to understand language and every employee should be given the opportunity to ask pertinent questions afterward.

2. Adopt a clear zero tolerance policy toward sexual harassment to prevent its occurrence in your workplace. State in no uncertain terms that anyone found guilty of sexual harassment will be terminated immediately, with no exceptions.

3. Explain to all employees that any claim of sexual harassment will be investigated thoroughly in a consistent and objective manner. In addition, all employees should be informed of the proper procedures involved when reporting an incidence of sexual harassment.

4. Review the company's sexual harassment policy with all employees on an annual basis. This meeting should include a thorough explanation of what sexual harassment is, and how it affects the company in a negative way. Recap all reporting procedures and ...

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