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Employment-Based "Discrimination" and "Sexual Harassment."

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I need assistance in analyzing the following scenario!
A women work as a nurse at a facility which handled bariatric (treatment of obesity) patients. This type of patient has somehow increased in numbers at the medical facility (not sure why). A female nurse was reassigned from a bariatric patient to another non-bariatric patient. A male nurse was assigned to the bariatric patient. Is this a form of discrimination or sexual harassment? The patient never complained about the care received, this decision was made by the nursing supervisor. Any thoughts? Why would a decision like that be made? Any benefits?

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The terms/concepts of employment-based "discrimination" and "sexual harassment" are explored in the case scenario.

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Your question focuses on your understanding of the definition of the terms/concepts of employment-based "discrimination" and "sexual harassment." If you understand those, you can apply those concepts to the circumstances of the example in your question.

The Free Legal Dictionary cites the definition of sex discrimination in Federal law as follows:

"Title VII defines sex discrimination in employment as including failure or refusal to hire, discrimination in discharge, classification of employees or applicants so as to deprive individuals of employment opportunities, discrimination in apprenticeship and on-the-job training programs, retaliation for opposition to an unlawful employment practice, and sexually stereotyped advertisements relating to employment (42 U.S.C.A. §§ 2000e-2(a) & (d), 2000e-3(a) & (b))."


If you notice, all ...

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