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Discrimination Torts

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When employees engage in improper workplace conduct, their employers are subject to liability. Not only can employers be held liable for employee torts, but they can also be held liable for other legal violations, such as discrimination. HR professionals need to be aware of these liabilities and help to educate employees about appropriate workplace conduct.

Begin your project paper by briefly summarizing several forms of employment discrimination.

Assess how employment discrimination affects organizations
Next, select one type of employment discrimination to examine thoroughly.

Identify the tort law and case law applicable to this type of employment discrimination.

Analyze how the tort law and case law support equity and discourage employment discrimination.

Create a workplace job aid regarding best practices for preventing the type of discrimination you investigated.

Apply tort theory to workplace and non-workplace employment discrimination scenarios.

Highlight best practices that employers can use to encourage equity in the workplace.

The discrimination issues that I am researching are:
Age Discrimination
Race Discrimination
Retaliation Discrimination
Sexual Orientation

The one type that I have decided to examine in more depth is Sexual Orientation discrimination.
Provide an annotated bibliography.

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Article : "Employment and Sexual Orientation: Disclosure and Discrimination in Workplace" by M.V. Lee Badgett, Volume 4, Issue 4 of Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services Series
Sexual identity on the job: issues and services
Alan Ellis, Ellen D. B. Riggle
Routledge, 1996
This article argues that disclosure of Sexual Orientation creates Discrimination in the workplace.

Pink triangles: Antecedents and consequences of perceived workplace discrimination against gay and lesbian employees.Ragins, Belle Rose;Cornwell, John M.Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol 86(6), Dec 2001, 1244-1261
This article says that gay employees were more likely to report discrimination when employed in groups that were mainly heterosexual and the firm lacked supportive policies. Disclosure of sexual orientation was linked to discrimination. Discrimination led to negative work attitudes and fewer promotions.

Disaggregating Gender from Sex and Sexual Orientation: The Effeminate Man in the Law and Feminist Jurisprudence, Mary Anne C. Case, The Yale Law Journal, Vol. 105, No. 1 (Oct., 1995), pp. 1-105
This article points out the role of law in addressing the subordination of homosexuals at workplace.

: "Sexual Minority Rights in the Workplace" (Twenty-First Annual Carl Warns Labor and Employment ...

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