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    A Day on Crutches: Step Outside Your World Essay

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    Select an activity that puts yourself outside of your normal environment. If you have access to a wheelchair, for example, go out in the wheelchair to a public setting such as a shopping mall or restaurant.

    Describe the activity they chose and why?

    · What type of place did you choose to experience and why?

    · What did you observe?

    · What did you find surprising or unexpected?

    · Did you feel comfortable or uncomfortable? Why?

    · Did this experience change your views about the people whom you observed? If so, how?

    · What did you learn from this experience?

    · How could your workplace benefit because you had this type of an experience?

    · Why do you feel that employers would seek and value employees with this diverse experience?

    · Identify at least two reasons why organizations benefit from having a diversity-conscious culture.

    · Prior to this experience did you have a stereotype of the people you observed in this activity?

    1050 words. Thanks

    I need help in addressing those points how should I address them give examples. Thanks

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    Dear Student,
    Hello and thank you for using Brainmass. In this particular case, I think it is easier, if you should do this exercise and experience the world as a handicapped person to use a crutch or be on 'crutches' as it is easier to access & utilise if you need to do a 'true test' of this idea should it be demanded in class. The solution below is based on observation as well as handicap accounts. Please note that all your questions are answered and given attention to in the sample-essay below. I hope it helps.

    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

    Stepping Outside My World: A Handicapped Cripple on Crutches

    I have decided to step outside my world via taking up the crutches, the tool used by abler handicaps to help them walk, travel and get from place to place. I have done so because I have had a friend in school who was on crutches ever since he survived an accident in the 4th grade and I have always wondered how things are for him ever since. He had always been active but since he was on crutches, he was delimited in terms of sports. It affected his morale for awhile but it never stopped him from trying to do well in school and becoming self-reliant. Also, lately, many of our soldiers coming home from Afghanistan and Iraq have become handicapped, and, despite the advances of medicine to restore their walking capabilities again, many of them have become dependent for the purpose of mobility on crutches. Hence, I have borrowed a set of crutches from the university hospital for the purpose of this paper and decided to spend a whole day in it walking around the nearest shopping center.

    I chose the shopping center because it is a place that handicapped and non-handicapped people visit for entertainment, food and to buy supplies for home and office (including groceries). There are bookstores, video shops, apothecaries and pharmacies, clothing stores, fashion stores, hardware stores, game shops, a number of restaurants serving all kinds of cuisine, banks, cafes, movie theatres, craft stores, barbershops and salons, etc. Many people meet their friends in the outdoor cafes and still many more unwind in restaurants with family and friends to celebrate, eat or just enjoy other people's company. It's busy and a place that just about everybody goes to. I wanted to know the ...

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    The solution is an extensive 1,472 word essay that does a 'step outside your world analysis' wherein the experience of being a disabled person on crutches for a day while going about normal tasks is recalled and related through the eyes of a normally healthy and able person. Afterwards analysis of the experience is provided and is related to issues of diversity and equality. References are listed for expansion. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.