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    Basic Guidelines for a 3-paragraph essay: Characterization.

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    Details: Use the Library to find information about characterization. Read some tips on writing believable characters. Select one character (whom you know or about whom you have read) and write contrasting paragraphs about that character. In the first, try to make the character likeable. In the second, attempt to arouse a hostile reaction toward the character. Finally, in the third paragraph, choose the one you think is more successful and explain why.

    Objective: Apply critical thinking skills to the content of the course.
    Describe the central idea of specific literary works.
    Discuss the concepts of point of view, symbolism, theme, and style.

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    This type of an assignment, as I understand it, requires you to take a further step than just simply reading the required course material. Since you did not provide me with specific questions such as "how do I start writing this paper?", or "how would I be able to develop ideas for this essay?" I will start guiding you from the basic steps which have to do with answering those two questions I just provided for you.

    Whenever you receive an assignment such as this, you want to definitely look for key words and concepts: the first word to find would be "library". Since it asks you to make trips to the library, that's the 1st step you must take. The purpose of visiting the library is so that you would be able to locate outside sources other than those from your textbooks.

    For instance, since you're required to write about characterization, there are books in the library that would help you understand that term and expand on that term. So, the first steps to take would be either going to the library or using your library's website to start research. You might want to enter key word: "characterization". The libary is a good place to start working on this essay; if this step is not clear enough, you need to ask a librarian to help you because this is what research requires you to do. However, I have done a lot of research in my experiences, so I know how it works. (You need to go on to the library's homepage for sure to start this essay). There are also library research workshops available in your university. You need to ask the librarian for the available workshops (always free of charge) that are to take place soon.

    I am sure ...

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    Solution includes a general example on how to cite from the APA style, brief explanation on the usefulness of a library's homepage and steps on research as well as a detailed explanation of what the assignment is about (all taken from the posted problem). Provided definitions for all the important key words listed above. Overall, this is a step by step (very practical) approach on how to appropriately start this assignment.