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Employee Response to Customer Problems

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You work for a company that sells medical supplies to the general public: crutches, bandages, wheelchairs, physical therapy bands and balls, OTC medicines, slings, anything a person can use at home. One afternoon, a customer comes in and is visibly upset. He bought some crutches from you that broke six weeks after he bought them. Your store guarantees products for 30 days after purchase with receipt. Since the product was good for 30 days, he didn't keep the receipt, but now he has a problem and he is pretty sure you aren't going to fix it. He is already upset about the fight he anticipates in order to get new crutches. You weren't the salesperson who waited on him and you know that crutches are fairly generic; he could have actually bought them anywhere and they would look the same.


(1) What would you hope to be able to do as an employee?
(2) What would you expect to accomplish?
(3) If you were the boss, what instructions would you give employees as a general rule for defective merchandise?
(4) If you were the customer, what would you consider fair?

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Interesting scenario - as an employee I would hope that I would be able to somehow satisfy all customers. However, there are some things that a regular employee will likely be unable to do without approval from management. I would listen to the customers concern, reiterate our return policy and product guarantee and point out any signs or documents it may be printed on such as receipts if the customer insists.

If the customer is unable to produce a receipt, he is unable to prove that he purchased them from the store in this ...