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Developing personal values

In 1500 words

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1. Personal Values - Define your values
2. Source of Development - Discuss the sources that helped shape your values. Include specific examples or experiences to define the value.
3. Revising Values - Describe the criteria and/or decision-making factors that you use to revise your values. Include a specific example of a value that has changed throughout your lifetime.
4. Organization Performance - Discuss how one or more of your values has impacted your performance in the workplace. Discuss how your organization's values have affected your work environment.

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I am giving you a template of an essay for this assignment. Since much of the information is personal, you will only be able to use the idea of values without the personal examples. This is, however, a full essay without the input of your organization and how it affects your values. Since I don't know anything about your work, I could not address it. Please look over the essay and then rewrite to meet your own needs. Remember, there is no such thing as good writing, only good rewriting.

Since the question is to define, explain, and understand my personal values and how they affect my work and life, I would first begin with the fact that many of my values are flexible. They are not flexible for me, but in how I identify and use them in the world. With current emphasis on diversity and attachment to culture, it is important to understand that not everyone has the same values and therefore every situation must deal with differences and changes in perception. My personal values are not always unique, but they are mine.
The most important of my personal values is to hold as closely as possible to the Golden Rule of, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." There should be honest and integrity in all things one does. This includes always allowing others their personal dignity, no matter the situation. Mistakes made are not reason to steal someone else's dignity. The values I have developed include not always taking the easy way, but as much as possible the right way. I question my elders, but never discount their input. I believe in God, but less in the organized way of churches and modern worship and more in the spiritual way of living life with peace and hope, giving and receiving love and helping others. While it seems odd, I also hold value in dressing neatly for public, though not always at home. It shows respect for those I may meet.
My values came from a life lived in the South, a place of manners and respect. "Speak when spoken to" and "Listen to your elders" are lessons learned in youth that I carry with me. I also think my mother was especially good at embodiment of genteel manners and respect. We gave at church and to neighbors and friends ...

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