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Issues with Obesity in Children and Adults

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Obesity in children and adolescents is continuing to rise. Schools, parents, and communities need to understand about healthy child and adolescent development.

What are the effects of nutrition, physical activity, and obesity on the youth in America? How can it affect emotions?

What are three important facts health professionals need to communicate to schools and the community about healthy child and adolescent development. Provide specific explanations on why each of these facts is vital for people to know and understand.

What are three important facts that you can use to change your life on your family's or that you could use to help your friends or your community. Provide specific explanations on changes you or others can make based on each of these facts listed.

A good place to start is the Centers for Disease Control.

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It is important for the community to understand that healthy child and adolescent development can affect the child's behavior as well as their physical appearance. It is a very sensitive time and most adolescents are concerned about their appearance and often compare themselves to their peers. It is also an extremely emotional time. Females are beginning their menstrual periods and males may not be aware of the nocturnal emissions that often occur. This can make for a very confusing time in a young person's life. It is important that young people have the support of their parents as well as their community, because as they search for their ...

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Communities, schools, and families need to be educated on how healthy development in children and adolescents can affect a child's behavior in school as well as at home. Obesity is becoming a virtual epidemic in society and is rapidly rising. Schools and communities can educated the youth and their families as to why it is important to eat healthy and adopt a healthy lifestyle to help to create a healthy future.

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