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Children and Emotional Tragedy

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Not to minimize or dismiss the emotional aspects of tragedy for adults, but I would like to ask if you think that children are more prone to process such events in terms of accessing their visceral/bodily and contextual reactions due to language and expressive limitations? Some things that can have an impact on how children process trauma can be: how their parents react to event, media coverage of the event, internet access, and people around them discussing the event.

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Because children react differently to trauma, they are often unable to express their feelings to a traumatic experience that has happened in their lives.

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Tragedy can affect a child differently than it does an adult. Traumatic events that have happened in history can have an adverse effect on children as well as the families of these children. When traumatic events happen in a large capacity, media exposes so much information through radio and television that can sometimes inform children too much of what is happening. Some images and wordage used is so violent in nature and graphic that it can do detrimental damage to the children viewing it. The internet also has an impact on what children view.

Children process information differently than adults ...

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