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Aristotle's poetics to the film, Dead poets society

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I need to be applying the film Dead Poets Society to Aristotle's Poetics only . I
- If the tragic hero was Robin Williams, is it his teaching method( making them think for themselves and not what any authority figure tells them) that is the tragic flaw?

-Was the story cathartic(emotional purge)? Teacher went over 5 elements: tragedy, catharsis, catastrophe, hubris, tragic flow, but I do not clearly understand them.

-In poetics, there is notion of Aristotle that 'tragedy is an imitation of an action, and the action is performed by certain agents, These must be people of certain kind with respect to their character and reasoning'. What does he mean by character and reasoning?

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Applying Aristotle's poetics to the film, Dead poets society is achieved.

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There are three directions in which my answer to your question should
<br>lead. The first references the particulars of the movie Dead Poets
<br>Society itself, and the second involves the specific ideas of Aristotle
<br>in the Poetics and their application to the movie. Finally, we need
<br>to address the specific definitional questions you ask about terms
<br>relating to the tragedy as a dramatic form.
<br>First, regarding the movie. I think you need to ask yourself whether
<br>this movie is a tragedy in its entirety or whether it has tragic
<br>elements but is not a tragedy overall. My specific suggestion is that
<br>you ask yourself whether the ending of this movie is really a tragic
<br>ending. Certainly, the movie ends up in some sense badly for certain
<br>characters - but is the overall ending of the movie an "unhappy
<br>ending"? (Hollywood is, after all, not particularly known for its
<br>reliance on the "unhappy ending" as a plot ...

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