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Dead Poets Society and Plato

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As you saw in the movie, selected groups of students at Welton would gather at an old INdian cave and read poetry, letting the words "drip from their tongues like honey." THe boys are inspired to form their own Dead Poets Society. Here, I assume that shadows on the wall is Welton academy(their reality) Their eyes are opened to girls, acting etc For that reason, some of the characters end up with tragic circumstances:Neil's death, CHarlie Dalton's suspension from school. As PLato's allegory of the cave indicates, growing beyond simple and limited truth can be a painful, even dangerous matter. That's how far I got. Please tell me what I am missing, what I need to add more, and correct if anything I have written above wrong.

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It seems to me that this interesting comparison can be dealt with in the way that you suggest: Welton corresponds to Plato's cave, while the cave in the film corresponds to reality (or at least emerging from Plato's cave). There is a sense in which the students in the film, led by Robin Williams' character (Socrates' counterpart, since Plato's allegory strongly suggests that Socrates is the one who is freed from the cave...) are trying to bring the sun into the cave of the prep school where they live and learn. The emergence from opinion to awareness (if not ...

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Dead Poets Society and Plato are correlated topics.

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