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    Cantata, mass and oratorio

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    1) How are cantata, mass, and oratorio different from each other? How are they similar?

    2) What are the genres of tragedy, comedy, and melodrama? How are they similar? How are they different?

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    I consulted the Internet site: http://janus.ucc.nau.edu/tas3/glossary.html for technically correct definitions for these three terms: oratorio, mass and cantata. The terms in blue are hyperlinks with additional information about those terms, if you are on an Internet-enabled computer.

    Cantata: an unstaged secular or sacred composition, with several movements, for single voice or voices (alternating aria, duet, recitative, full chorus, etc.), normally accompanied by instruments. The vocal equivalent of sonata.

    Mass: the sacred liturgy first of the Roman Catholic church, and later of the Lutheran and Anglican rites, in which the Last Supper of Jesus, or Holy Eucharist, is celebrated. Derived from the priest's last words "Ite missa est" (the table is concluded).

    Oratorio: an unstaged drama or narrative of Biblical events composed for voices (alternating aria, narrator, recitative, full chorus, etc.) and accompanied by instruments.

    These three are similar in that they all three present performances. They are dissimilar in that the cantata can be secular (not sacred), the mass is the worship service of the Catholic church, and the oratorio is Biblically ...

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    Compare/contrast cantata, mass, and oratorio, tragedy, comedy and melodrama. Web-based definitions, with reference URLs, and comparisons/contrasts between the two sets of three terms.