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Elements of musical form

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Name, define, and discuss the two factors that determine musical form

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For the student,
As I was going about your posted question about musical form: what two factors determine them, I uncovered the fact that there are more than two factors. If you received this as an assignment, I would assume (without being given enough details from your posted question alone) that your professor wants you to focus on the two most important factors that determine musical form. (There exists more than two factors or in other words, elements that make up the term, "musical form".) Please note that we're not a direct homework website, you may borrow the following information by paraphrasing what I have written. You should try to re-write from what your understanding would be after reading my responses to the posted question you submitted to Brainmass.

In my own words and how I would perceive what two factors determine form would be the following sentence that summarizes your question:

TA's response: Musical form refers to the structure of a particular piece; it may also refer to the musical genre itself; for instance, a piece can be a concerto, a sonata, or a symphony. (As for my third factor, of course, there exists the length of the music that would determine musical form.) The TA has done the following research and compiling notes from the TA's own class' notes from her advanced musical form and analysis course:

~Form is the Basic Structure~
Musical forms offer a great range of complexity. Most listeners will quickly grasp the form of a short and simple piece, or of one built from many short repetitions. It is also easier to recognize familiar musical forms. Classical music traditions around the world tend to encourage longer, more complex forms which may be difficult to recognize without the familiarity that comes from study or repeated hearings.

Understanding the form of a piece helps a musician put together a more credible performance of ...