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    "When I am Laid in Earth"

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    Purcell: Dido and Aeneas

    Discuss the texture of this piece. Is it Monophonic, Homophonic? Is the accompaniment thick or thin texture? Does the accompaniment support the vocalist? Or is it more of a play between the two?

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    My premise here is that you are referring to the aria "When I am Laid in Earth" (often called Dido's Lament) which is near the end of the opera; if in fact you are referring to the whole opera or to some other section of the opera the answer will be different, as there are a variety of textures in the opera as a whole. If I am wrong in my assumption let me know and I will revise my response to include the rest of the opera.

    The aria is preceded by a recitative secco-"Thy ...

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    "When I am Laid in Earth" is clearly explicated.