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Substance and addiction

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What if we look at 'who has the power'? In addiction the substance has the power and the person no longer has the power to choose.

Certainly Amy Winehouse--is yet one more example-- and the many more we could mention are examples of addiction and sad ones at that.

Many may have a time when they drink too much coffee or too many caffeinated sodas. The question is whether this behavior interferes with our life and our functioning.

The other big concepts in addiction are craving, tolerance and withdrawal. But the 3 C's capture another side of it: control, compulsion and consequence. When we look at addiction it is another example of how a disorder takes over your life and decides what and when you will do what you do. It has the power. Thoughts on this concept?

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The power of addiction:

Craving, Tolerance and withdrawal.

The craving is the driving force that causes the addict to do whatever it takes to get that "high." Tolerance is when a person uses for a ...

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The expert examines the addiction to a substance which has the power and the person no longer has the power to choose.

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