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    Work/Life Balance

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    This solution delivers some suggestions on discussing the value of having a balance in your work and life responsibilities, using this article:
    When Work and Family Are Allies: A Theory of Work-Family Enrichment
    by Jeffrey H. Greenhaus (Drexel University) and Gary N. Powell (University of Connecticut)

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    In essence, the value of having a balance between one's work and life responsibilities is critical for achieving a harmonious, healthy, and productive life in both personal and job roles. Because both influence each other greatly, there must be an equilibrium and positive bridge between the two, as the authors insist as they propose the notion of role accumulation and how it can yield positive outcomes for (73). The authors advocate that this balance happens as "work experiences and family experiences can have additive effects on well-being. Research has consistently demonstrated that role accumulation can have beneficial effects on physical and psychological well-being (Barnett & Hyde, 2001), especially when the roles are of high quality (Perry-Jenkins, Repetti, & Crouter, 2000)" (73). Like a marriage almost, the authors explain how the work-family enrichment is highly interdependent, as the "...experiences in one role improve the quality of life in the other role" (71). This concept embodies both an ...

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    500 words and the attached link validate how essential it is for one to exude a work/life balance to better augment one's leadership ability. A brief theoretical overview is also included.