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    Balancing work and life for employees and employers

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    Why is improved level of work life balance important for both employers and employees?

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    To begin, work/life balance is essential for each worker's physical and psychological well being. The problem for employees is their struggle with making a living or working at a career while trying to find time for family, friends, leisure and other interests.
    For employers, if workers cannot maintain a work/life balance- they will be fatigued and not able to perform well on the job- which may have disastrous effects if they are involved in dangerous work or where someone's life is on the line. Another consequence is burnout which costs the employer because workers must leave early or be absent due to stress related illness.

    The consequences for employees are multitude. Job stress can lead to familial ...

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    This solution discusses why work/life balance is important for employers and employees. Also, it discusses consequences and actions to achieve balance.
    Gender is also discussed.

    Four references from 2000 onward are included.