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    I need to do an industry, market analysis. Use the work/life

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    The analysis should include value proposition, competitor analysis, market potential and key success factors and SWOT analysis.

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    Market/Industry Analysis

    Our Value Proposition

    XXX Inc. is an Employer and Employee Solutions Business tailored to address the unique needs of people and organizations in the New Knowledge Economy.

    We have a robust understanding of the relationship of how employees contribute to corporate performance in the New Knowledge Economy work life topics and human performance factors. This combined with our ability to execute business to business internet based services permit us to offer cost effective employee services that allow companies to attract and retain employees.

    In the New Knowledge Economy employees are the key competitive advantage.

    Investing in employees goes beyond pay and Traditional Benefits (pensions, 401k plans, medical, legal, child/eldercare benefits), it includes investing in what we call New Knowledge Economy Benefits:

    ? Benefits aimed at helping people to manage their work and personal lives
    ? Employee personal growth
    ? Organizational development to foster new ways of working
    ? Solutions that simplify and focus employers and employees for mutual gain

    Progressive Benefits:

    ? Benefit Self-service capabilities
    ? Concierge services
    ? Employee Savings Programs
    ? Innovative Employee Reward Programs

    XXX's Business Model focuses on offering client companies a portfolio of services that includes our proprietary products and services and those of selected partner companies who offer Traditional and Progressive Benefits.

    Our services can be delivered via our website or directly to client companies Intranets.

     Invest in Employees

     Improve loyalty, productivity

     Enhanced business performance

     Customer satisfaction

     Improved Profitability

    Industry and Market Analysis

    While the work/life industry has existed for 15 years, in terms of growth potential, it's still in infancy. The loosely defined work/life services industry has grown to $500 million. With an employee population of 80 million, and the emerging demand for New Knowledge Economy solutions, the market potential is very large.

    Growing Demand for Work - Life Benefits

    Reference Source
    18 percent of the firms surveyed use work-life programs and 43 percent indicate they may introduce it in the future.
    American Compensation Association
    "Employers must offer these (work/life) benefits to remain competitive in today's war for talent," "With the lowest unemployment rate in 30 years, organizations recognize they need to offer attractive benefits that enable employees to better balance their work and personal lives." Hewitt Associates
    86% of surveyed companies agreed that a company cannot remain competitive without addressing the issue of balance between an employee's work and personal life. 76% found Work-Life programs integral to recruiting. Mercer Work-Life and Diversity Benchmarking Initiatives Survey
    Research and media reports indicate individuals are demanding a better quality of life ? more balance between work and personal issues. Nearly nine in 10 respondents say it is "important" or "very important" that employers offer work/life benefits. Gallup
    As the survey results show, making organizations more attractive to potential employees by offering a wider variety of employee benefits ...