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Job analysis, recruitment. appraisal. performance and skills

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What is a job analysis? Why is it important for organizations to conduct job analyses?

· What are three reasons for appraising employee performance? Which one of these reasons is most important? Why?

· What are some of the common objective measures of job performance? Which one of these measures would be most relevant for the job of university professor? Why?

· What do you think about the concept of emotional intelligence? Which jobs would require a higher level of emotional intelligence? Why?

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What is a job analysis? Why is it important for organizations to conduct job analyses?
Job analysis helps define the purview of a title, i.e., what a candidate is supposed to do and what kind of skills set and qualification are required of the candidate.
It is very important for good organizations to conduct job analysis so that they can clearly list the requirements for filling a position and describe what will be expected in candidates for filling a certain title.

? What are three reasons ...

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Job analysis, recruitment. appraisal. performance and skills. - short essay answer

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