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HMO' s employment process

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Describe the activities that differentiate recruitment from selection?

How do organizations determine their need for new employees?

What is "job analysis"? What role does it play in recruitment and selection?

How is an internship program different from an externship program?

What are the primary reasons for the growth of outsourcing among healthcare organizations?

Why is it often said that interviewing is both an art and a science? Explain.

Explain why reference checking is done best by the Human Resource Department.

What are the steps involved in validating an employment test?

What are some of the objectives performance appraisal programs strive to achieve?

Is pay-for-performance a good idea for healthcare organizations? Explain.

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The solution includes a discussion and definitions of terms like recruitment, selection, job analysis, intership, externship, interviewing, job performance, employment tests and pay per performance with its role in the HMO's recruitment process.

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Health Care Organization (HCO) recruitment process is determined by a set of unique characteristics true only to the health care environment. It depends on the economy and it must obliged by standards of performance to provide quality of care. The recent melt down of the economy, forced many HCO to reduce their labor force and outsource its needs. Many times they re-hire ex-employees as consultants, look for volunteers or created externship and non-paid internship positions. Non-paid internship requires that the position is filled by a graduate or a person with advance knowledge that needs to gain practical experience. Externship is part of a course of study that requires a person to be in a training program. This can be done in an educational institute or in private business. They are both considered 'free labor'. By outsourcing, the HCO has no formal employer relationship, and maintains its operational cost down.

An accepted way to evaluate the employee's performance and also determine the organizational need to increase personnel is the job analysis. Job analysis is defined as "a process to identify and determine in detail the particular job duties and requirements and the relative importance of these duties for a given job" (HR-Guide, ¶ 1). The information included in the job analysis may start by collecting data from the previous employees but the analysis itself is the description of the job and not the persons that have occupied the position. The job analysis also helps establish the training, selection, compensation, and ...

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