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College Degree Plan

What is good plan for a student in college to complete their degree program?

Discuss briefly how that student should go about that plan. The student has eight hour job and goes to school, family, household chores, social life.

How much time do they need to study?

Briefly analyze and discuss how this student strengths can be beneficial for balancing academic, professional, and personal responsibilities that will assist you in completing your degree.

What weakness might this student witness in their pursuit to obtaining a degree and discuss how they should address them.

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A good place to start is to develop an academic success action plan. To create an action plan, a student must set and list specific goals as well as what it will take for them to meet those specific goals. The student can set short range goals that are specific for a particular class, and should also set long-range goals for their complete academic career (1). An example of a short range goal would be:

Goal # 1: Earn an A in Social Psychology

Tasks to complete: 1. Attend every class, and pay attention.

2. Read the assigned material.

3. Complete assignments and turn in on time.

4. Begin studying course material for exams at least one week before the exam.

In developing this plan, because the student works a full-time job and has a family and friends, it is often necessary to make plans and set aside specific times to study, family time, household chores, and social life. It is important to take into consideration your significant others feelings, as well as your financial situation. Prioritize what is important and has to be done, and what can wait. You must work your job in order to support you and your family, your family is important and cannot be neglected; however, the lawn can wait to be mowed, and the house can ...

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The expert discusses how a college degree or action plan can benefit students, how much time a study should study, and how strengths and weaknesses can assist in completing degree.