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Establishing boundaries for inappropriate behaviour

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Describe a scenario in which a failure to establish boundaries might be responsible for inappropriate behavior on either the part of the client or the counsellor. Draw from the readings to explore different ways the situation could have been avoided, and approaches one might take afterwards. Provide at least one valid reference. Thanks!

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The expert establishes boundaries for inappropriate behaviors. The readings to explore different ways are determined.

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You have asked for assistance in describing a scenario in which failure to establish boundaries might result in inappropriate behaviour on either the client or therapist. I will draw from my ethics book to describe possible situations in which lack of ethics could lead to issues (I don't know what textbook your course is using). You can then choose from those situations or choose your own using the information provided.

As a BrainMass expert, I cannot write the essay for you, but I can guide you along finding your information and giving some suggestions. I do need to ask you that you don't copy and paste this response, but instead ...

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