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Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Law

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Create a fictitious case for ADA scenario.

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William, a physically-handicapped male, entered a toy store looking for employment and when he was approached by a store clerk and he stated his request the clerk went to the manager's office to inquire about an application. When the clerk returned with the application the clerk stated that William could fill it out, but that he should count on hearing back. William had his transcripts from the schools he attended and several references to turn in when he handed in his application. William has a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and is currently working on a Masters in Business Administration specializing in Accounting. William has also worked as an Accounting Clerk for 4 years while attending college. His position as Accounting Clerk entitled him to handle all accounting procedures from keeping the books from source documents to keeping the journals to writing the checks. This business used manual bookkeeping procedures ...

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This was a scenario of a handicapped person who needed to be treated in a more respective way and the ways that this could be done with all involved.

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Sample Memo for Equal Employment Opportunities Act/Laws

Writing a Memo
Can someone please help me answer this is scenario:

Imagine you are the CEO of an organization where employees have filed several complaints about racial and ethnic discrimination. Other complaints report denial of promotion and career advancement due to prejudice and discrimination by decision makers in the organization.
You decide to implement a new diversity program. Your plan is to hire a consulting firm to guide you in development of the diversity program. You must draft a memo to the board of directors that presents the business case for moving forward with a new diversity program. The board of directors will review this memo before the meeting to vote on the new diversity program. Therefore, you want to make a clear and concise case for the diversity initiative.

For this discussion, write a memo to the board of directors that makes a business case for implementing a diversity program.

Please use APA format and references with at least 300 words.

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