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IS PATH WARM Suicide and Depression Inventory

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What is an example of how to use IS PATH WARM for suicide assessment? Does this replace depression assessments, such as the Beck Depression Inventory II?

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IS PATH WARM is an acronym used to assess the risk of an individual committing suicide. The letters of the acronym correspond with particular risk factors corresponding with the likelihood of suicide. Below, Mary is used as an example:

Ideation: Mary has thought about killing herself, and has even chosen a method to use: slitting her wrists in the shower.

Substance abuse: Mary does not appear to be using any substances.

Purposeless: Mary has her son, Sean, that keeps her from trying to kill herself. At this point in her life, Sean is her reason ...

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An example of IS PATH WARM is shown, according to a fictitious case. The Beck Depression Inventory II is also discussed as a replacement or additional means of assessment in the case.