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Metacognitive, Cognitive, Socioaffective Teaching Strategies

How you use metacognitive, cognitive and social/affective strategies in teaching and their value to increasing achievement? (aprox. 2.5 paragraphs and references that can help me farther)

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Metacognitive strategies are useful in increasing achievement because they use a student's higher-level thinking. Instead of just learning and regurgitating, students think more deeply about what they are learning, which will help boost retention. Metacognitive strateiges also help students learn how to learn, thereby increasing future learning potential.

Metacognitive strategies can be used in a variety of ways. Students can be asked to define a goal, fill out a KWL (know-want to know-learned) chart, and demonstrate knowledge of resources and how they will be assessed. Students can also create a plan of attack - time spent, materials needed, etc - when preparing to work on a larger project. Asking students to complete reflection questions and self-assessments, or give feedback on a lesson, is also useful. Not only ...

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This provides an overview of several types of metacognitive, cognitive, and social/affective strategies and how they can be used. It also includes web references for further research.