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Skills for learning disabled students

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Share your experiences in teaching study skills, social skills, and transition skills to students with LD. What was successful? Why? What are some methods that did not work, and what steps did you take to change those methods into a successful teaching experience?(learning disabilities)

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First, the special education label Learning Disabled covers a great deal of varied ground. MANY disabilities fall under this umbrella, with varied prognoses, interventions and adaptations required and recommended.

Taking that into account, the one tactic that I have seen applied to students who are Learning Disabled which was decidedly NOT a help to them whatsoever, across the board, was enabling their disability, whatsoever it happened to be. What universally helped these students was a dogged determination to help them overcome, to whatever extent possible, the effects of their particular disability, to strengthen the skills that they did possess, and to foster the adoption of coping strategies that worked FOR THAT STUDENT to help them ameliorate, to whatever extent possible, the debilitating effects of whatever disability they possessed.

Letting the student claim their disability as an excuse for whatever they had not accomplished was the very worst thing that could have been done to them. Encouraging them to find a way to succeed, in spite of any hardships that they might have to overcome enabled many students to develop into respectable, responsible persons with a mature outlook, unlike the ones who were coddled and excused because they had been diagnosed with a disability.

Outside of that caveat, there were a variety of coping strategies which students were given ...

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Discussion of essential skills for learning disabled students for coping strategies in many academic and social skills areas.