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Impacting a student's learning experience

How can I describe three assistive technologies that will allow a five year old that is visually impaired have access to grade level context and participate with her peers in the classroom and how can each of the technologies will be implemented for the student? What would be the results upon the use of these assistive technologies for this child?

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Visually impaired students have enhanced audio and kinesthetic learning styles. This convenience allows them to learn the same core contents as their non-disabled peers; but differently. Visually impaired student participate in the regular education classroom through discussions, group reading, use of the Braille device. Certain motor impairments may affect a student's ability to interact with Braille or to navigate their environment effectively.

Some may be interested in assignments that expresses their learning through movement such as dance, poetry, transcripts, audio, or a short play. A student without a physical or learning disability would also enjoy expressing their learning through these methods. Students with visual impairments should participate in an expanded core curriculum that includes the use of compensatory skills, orientation and mobility, social interaction skills, independent living and personal ...

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