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Parents embarassing their children

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If a parent makes their child feel embarrassed, could it lead to problems down the road as the child develops into an adolescent?

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Most people have experienced situations where their parents have embarrassed them when they were children. In many cases it does not lead to problems in the future as the child enters adolescence. It depends on the situation, the coping mechanisms of the child and the relationship the parent has with the child. There are some occasions when things that parents do may embarrass their children and have a profound negative effect on them leading to problems in adolescence. If a child has an alcoholic parent or a drug addicted parent who has been intoxicated in public and people know about it,the child may become embarrassed and may feel that the parent's behavior is a reflection on him/her. When the child reaches adolescence he/she may begin engage in underage drinking or drug taking with friends partially because it would be subconsciously accepted as the norm. ...

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This solution discusses the potential effects of parents emabarassing their children, using examples to demonstrate the response.

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