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Teaching children some important concepts

Please explain how parents can help their elementary-aged child by -
(a) "letting go,"
(b) teaching responsibilities,
(c) maintaining values,
(d) incorporating a positive self-concept.

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A) "Letting Go": When parents are able to "let go" of their small children the children will likely gain a greater sense of confidence . They will feel good about themselves whether or not their parents around them. When letting children do for themselves parents should be very patient. They need to give their children time to try a new task. If they don't suceed parents should give their children a lot of encouragement to try it again. They can suggest a tip to them but they should not do it for them.
B)Teaching responsibilities: Teaching resposnsibilities to children is important because it is a skill that they will need for life. A good way to teach children responsibility is parents to teach them little by little daily. They should start early. When parents teach their children responsibility they should do it when children are alert and ...

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The following solution explains how parents can help their elementary school aged children by teaching them some important skills that they will need throughout thie lives.