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    Article Review: What is long-term memory?

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    I need to locate a current article that discusses long-term memory and prepare a summary of its main findings.

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    Long Term (LT) Memory Article

    Author: BBC Editorial Staff, BBC Radio 4
    Title: "What is long-term memory?"
    Particulars: from 'The Memory Experience: A journey of self-discovery' series, 2006
    URL: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/memory/understand/long-term_memory.shtml

    In 2006, the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) launched a series known as 'The Memory Experience' in Radio 4, one of their primary radio channels in the UK that broadcasts topics of interest to listeners, from political to scientific knowledge as relevant to the lives and interests of the British public. Essential, Radio 4 is marketed as a 'speech-based news network presenting current affairs and factual knowledge'. This particular article is just among the many 'subject of discussion' in the series and presents the researched information on the topic of long-term memory. First off, it is basically an overview of the topic, whereby definition of the term long-term memory and the mechanisms involved in memory and sustaining (i.e. recording, storing and recalling) the memory to signify it as 'long-term' is discussed. The article suggests that short-term memory 'becomes' long term due to a host of mechanisms and ...

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    The expert determines what is the long-term memory. A summary of its main findings are prepared.