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    Data Collection and interpretation for formative evaluation

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    Please note, answer the following questions and they are strictly to be in APA style ( data gathering, citation, & reference).

    Kindly note for this discussion, consider the following for the coalition:

    1) In what ways does the data collection and interpretation provide a basis for formative evaluation for your coalition?

    2) What additional means of incorporating data can be used for advances on the coalition, such as by building neighbourhood awareness or having a yearly report on progress from your coalition's efforts?

    3) Creatively explore options for providing information to participants and stakeholders that will encourage continued evolution of the coalition's vision and expertise.

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    Data collection and interpretation helps the community to understand what your issues are all about. These two areas tell us how you formed your ideas through asking questions, forming interviews and going out in the communities and expressing your views. The workers of the coalition are the roots to fixing the problems the communities are ...

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    This essay is about collecting data and who is interpreting the data for various purposes.