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Challenges in Assessing the IQ of an Individual with ADHD

I frequently test children who have been diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. The children with ADD usually do quite well in a little quiet room with no distractions. I watch their behavior during testing. If they "space out" during a timed test, I write that in the report. People with ADD usually have a hard time in a large group setting and then problems trying to organize and plan. Those things don't affect the testing that I do. The majority of the tests are not timed and it is ok to wait for an answer.

People with severe ADHD are another story. I recently tested a 6-year-old girl who had severe ADHD. The hardest thing for me is to get over how incredibly cute the little ones are! (A halo effect will increase a person's IQ scores). This little girl speed talked throughout the assessment. She was under the desk and looking through my files! When someone knocked on my door, she yelled, "Hey, we're trying to work in here!" She was a riot!

She was a smart little thing. I wrote in my report that the scores were a "minimum" representation of her true ability. Her scores were a minimum of above average. She was referred for testing because she was so over active. She was constantly in everyone's space, disrupting the class, and she was always in trouble on the playground. She also had no friends. While observing her, I noticed that she speed talked to the children, impulsively grabbing toys, balls or anything from them. They were constantly annoyed with her and she was too busy in constant movement to notice anyone's reactions to her.

The family moved the day after we explained the test results. (They had been cast as part of one of those A&E reality TV shows). The entire family was very hyperactive! I do believe that there is a place for a hyperactive person. They just need to learn to be aware of others and focus their talent.

Can there ever be a completely standard assessment of IQ for a person with attention issues?

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I don't think that there ever can be a completely standard assessment of IQ for a person with attention issues, largely due to the fact that the inability of these individuals ...

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