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    Effective And Ineffective Stress Management Techniques

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    How does one measure the effectiveness of a stress management technique for cancer caregivers such as taking time away from the patient? Also, what are the benefits of providing multiple stress management techniques to these stress sufferers, and are there at two or more barriers to effective stress management.

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    First, you must know the signs of stress in order to apply the management techniques necessary to manage stress. Some symptoms of informal caregivers may include physical problems such as aches, pains, changes in appetite, and sleep difficulties. Some of these things can be contributed to the lack of restful sleep or continuous sleep, improper diet and exercise, and the possibility of skipping their own doctor's appointments to care for the patient. Emotional problems are also symptoms of stress for informal caregivers. Some of the symptoms of emotional problems associated with caring for a cancer patient could be depression, loneliness, anxiety, frustration, anger, and often guilt. The last area of symptoms of stress can be financial problems. In some cases, caregivers give money to the patient, and if the patient is a loved one, the caregiver sometimes must quit their job in order to care for the patient (1).

    In order to measure the effectiveness of stress management techniques, you must first try the ...

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    Discusses the benefits of multiple stress management techniques for those who suffer from stress.