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Training Assessment: Stress Management

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Some topics to address during a stress management seminar could be: (Hourigan, 2013)
• A new look at stress management - This area could include such things as creating new models for stress management and ways to discard old, ineffective habits and looking at problems in creative new ways.
• Managing stress for top performance - This area could include such things as taking a look at how too little stress or too much stress can affect performance, the main reasons stress is causing so many issues and the five stages of stress.
• Reducing stress levels - This area could include such things as ideas for stress management and interventions, teaching a take charge attitude toward managing stress, and the choices we all have in stress management.
• Counteracting the effects of stress - This area could include such things as relaxation responses, how to use exercise and eating
well to combat stress, and a holistic approach to stress management.
All of these topics covered address the main issues of stress including what the main causes are, how to handle stress when it happens and
what to do to manage stress. Employees would benefit greatly from all of this information.
Develop criteria to assist in selecting the vendor to use for the training.
To select a vendor, I would suggest either using a "word of mouth" system in which the HR department uses a keynote speaker or company that another well-known organization has used and has had success with or, doing a search on the internet and researching those vendors found to determine the best fit for the organization.
Hourigan, M. (2013). Stress management training program outline. Retrieved on May 19, 2013, from http://www.mikehourigan.com/stress-management-training-program-outline/.

During the seminar, what methods would you use to deliver this information? Are there exercises you would use or would you just lecture on these topics?

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A discussion regarding the methods to deliver stress management training as well as excersises and lecture options explored. 260 words.

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During the seminar I would try to use various methods for delivering the information. I have found that elements such as group activities and role playing are effective means to deliver a message in addition to lecturing. For example, with a group activity, I might combine it with role playing by breaking the group into five members each and asking the members to select a particular role such ...

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