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    Employee Training for Stress Reduction

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    The actual case study involves Martha Stewart's biography by clicking on the following link

    Visualize how the management and employees of MSO must have experienced and managed the stress during and after Martha Stewart's indictment.

    As a consultant to MSO, what kinds of training would you propose for the MSO employees to help effectively manage their stress and anxiety levels? What inputs would you design to help management personnel deal with their stress?

    Provide reasons for why you feel that these training sessions will be useful for the employees and management.

    Submit a document with a short write-up containing the following:

    - A visualization of how Martha Stewart coped with the stress.
    - An explanation of how the indictment must've caused stress for the MSO employees.
    - The kinds of training you propose for the MSO employees.
    - A rationale for proposing these trainings.

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    Visualization of stress during and after the indictment / explanation of how the indictment caused stress for MSO employees:

    For both management and employees, there were likely many core reasons for the manifestation of stress over Martha Stewart's indictment. I envision the first was likely due to self-preservation; everyone likely questioned "What will happen to my job if this company collapses?" This is a normal feeling for people to have, even in absence of a major, public downfall of one's organizational leader. I envision management was enveloped in a huge amount of stress in trying to engage in "damage control" - while stock prices dropped. For those "left behind" to try and remain "status quo" in all operations during such a high-profile incident like this, which it is likely no one in management had any prior experience with this type of a scenario, probably induced a level of stress never encountered before. As for the employees, there was likely another level of stress caused by betrayal, perhaps feeling that ...

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    This solution is almost 700 words and describes how management can recognize stress in employees; along with training strategies to help ease tension. The case study utilized is the very public scandal when CEO Martha Stewart served jail time in connection with her Martha Stewart Omnimedia, Inc. The challenges employees faced during this very public scandal included fear over job loss, shock over the actions of their leader and perhaps even depression.