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    Capstone Project Help: Critical Analysis

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    Often there are many contributing causes in the development of a specific problem/issue. These causes may be complex and may involve individuals, institutions, and/or environmental factors, for example. This complexity increases the difficulty in creating a solution for the problem. Thus, prior to developing solutions, there must be a critical analysis of the problem/issue. The analysis must address the many potential causes of the problem/issue and determine which had the most impact on its development. Critical analysis relies on the literature and resources that address the specific problem.

    Review the resources you collected and summarized in Weeks 4 and 5.
    Review the questions in the "Critical Analysis Template," located in the Resources area on the left navigation bar.
    Think about the causes of the problem or the issue you have identified, and consider who or what are the major contributors to this problem.
    Think about the impacts of the problem.

    describe, , the problem/issue and the problem statement you developed.

    Identify the major contributors to the problem (who, what) and briefly explain how they contribute to/cause the problem.
    Explain at least two causes of the problem.
    Explain at least two effects of the problem.

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    Capstone Project: Critical Analysis Review

    My topic of study is focused on teen DUIs as particular offshoots and an iteration of teen substance abuse. A critical analysis of published studies requires the identification of the work - authorship, summarization, analysis and a conclusion as to the impact of that study. The important element that applies to this task however is the analysis section in that it advises that it is essential to give one's position on the ideas presented in the work and to specify them, to determine what is relevant in that work to the study and to determine if the work has achieved its intent. For this task, I shall use these ideas to focus on 2 problems drawn from resources I have used so far in my study of Teen DUI's.

    The work of McCartt, Teoh, Braitman & Hellinga (2010) studied the current graduated driver licensing laws to determine specific licensing components and how they are associated to fatal crash rates among those aged 15-17. The problem raised is this - the graduated licensing laws have weak components that contribute to a learning experience that lead to fatal crashes. This ...

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    The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the task (see above) on the topic teen DUIs as a Capstone Project (element focuses on critical analysis). Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.