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    Motivation & Behavior

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    I need to complete the following and examine the concept of motivation. As part of the examination I will need to address the following items:

    a. Define motivation.

    b. Identify at least two sources of motivation.

    c. Explain the relationship between motivation and behavior.

    d. Examine how motivation is exhibited in behavior.

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    Motivation: Human Nature & Behaviour

    Leaders say that to motivate is to inspire & to lead by example, managers on the other hand say that motivation is all about positive encouragement that usually lead to personal rewards. To motivate, in my view means to inspire positively, providing reasons to instigate a particular behaviour in a person to achieve his objectives. The reasons behind motivations can be varied - basic needs rewards, wants, desires, the ideal or the state being. For instance while my co-worker is motivated to finish work early so as to be on time for a time with his girlfriend, I am motivated more than ever to work late into the night to impress my boss by trusting me with this really challenging project. The idea is to impress my boss which might lead to bigger rewards career-wise for me.

    Motivation is part of the arsenal of leadership and management in the workplace just as motivation is a part of the arsenal of a teacher in a classroom environment. Student motivation is easily defined by the reason behind doing well in school - achievement of good grades & acquisition of knowledge. Employee motivation is a corporate & business concern as it results to positives not only for the employee by providing a great performance but for the company - the employee's input will no doubt result to positive achievement of goals ...

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